A nice stomach is a gift of aesthetic medicine!


2Women who love themselves try to keep a nice shapely, firm skin and drain toxins. We would do anything to have a toned tummy, smooth and a wasp waist! Medicine and specific cosmetic surgery, all tried make our dreams a reality. All people must know that stomach harbored some two hundred million neurons, work nonstop and exchanging information with our head. It produces 95% of our total serotonin (a neurotransmitter involved in the management of our emotions). So we need understand that we must ensure the well-being as aesthetics of stomach, what dubbed a «second brain».

When problem become very big people can visit surgeons and think about operation against obesity — into Finnish it translated as rasvaimu. Many things do tummy very ugly: wrinkles, fat deposits, stretch marks, bloating are. But if woman want to be beautiful she will not let them settle there. So how to take care of this central body part and can finally live without complexes? Like all areas of the body, the stomach is aging, wrinkles appear. But it is possible to erase this thanks to cosmetic medicine. For all problems that exist around the belly, there are some solutions.

For example doctors can use hyaluronic acid and mesotherapy LEDs. All this ways help finally to get the flat stomach. Sometimes fat man or woman can choose liposuction. It is a star of the cosmetic surgery of the silhouette already 30 years. But before doing liposuction patient need to assess correctly all indications and limitations. People need to know that this operation eliminates the localized fat deposits. The technique is now highly developed, reliable, with a clear objective: to restore a homogeneous fat thickness over the entire body. The patient acquires a shapely figure, no bumps or bulges, even if it removes only 2 or 3 kg.

Success of operation depends on the amount of fat aspirate and quality of the skin covering this. For best results people after such intervention must wear special slimming clothes (jacket and stockings) at least one month to avoid any risk of phlebitis. Liposuction can be performed on small mattress on the abdomen or on the hips, the inner thighs, knees and arms, double chin and «buffalo hump». But patient must remember that liposuction does not replace a diet. A good helper with this deal can be lihavuusleikkaus — a gastric bypass surgery. This operation should also conduct a highly qualified surgeon.


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